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Wayne County Farm Bureau NEWS
The Essentials of Farming
A Select Collection of Motor Vehicle Laws for Illinois Farmers
Compare the qualifications and exemptions for Covered Farm Vehicle and Farm Vehicle Driver; weight restrictions, medical cards, & more

Illinois Farm Bureau's efforts on improving water quality in our state
Farmers have a unique opportunity to voluntarily implement conservation practices to keep their nutrients where they belong... in the field.

American Farm Bureau Federation Priority Issues
Water Resources, Farm Bill, Renewable Fuels, Labor, Clean Water Act & more

Illinois Farm Bureau Current Issues
Stay up to date on the most pressing issues facing Illinois agriculture.

Rules of the Country Road
A resource for drivers, farmers, motorists, students, and others about things that are unique to our rural roadways.

The Code of Country Living
Thinking of moving to the country?  This guide will help prepare you for the differences between urban and rural living.

High capacity water usage reporting - Click for resources

​Illinois Farmland Leasing and Rental Forms from FarmDoc
Illinois Farm Bureau Update

Legislative Action Center - Contact your legislator on important issues!

LINK - Local Information, News, and Know-How

Consumer Resources - Let's talk about issues important to agriculture!  
Click here for information on GMOs, antibiotics, food labeling, egg production, HFCS, raw milk, and other important topics to consumers.

Illinois Farm Bureau's "Farm & Food Facts"

4-Hers encouraged to complete a 2021 4-H Project Grant App

The program is designed to encourage young 4-Hers to begin new projects by eliminating potential cost burdens they may have; as well as encourage new individuals to become active in the Wayne County 4-H program. LEARN MORE
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