The Board of Directors and Staff 
of the Wayne County Farm Bureau

Wayne County Farm Bureau  - Fairfield, IL
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Mark A. Bunnage
Secretary - Treasurer
District 1 - Mt. Erie, Massilon, & Leech Townships

Fred B. Blessing
Vice President
District 2 - Zif, Elm River, & Jasper Townships

James R. Rush
District 3 - Grover Township

Anthony Vaughan
District 4 - Barnhill Township

Frank E. Buchanan
District 5 - Big Mound Township

Robert W. Pearce
District 6 - Bedford, Lamard, & E. ½ Keith Townships

David W. White
District 7 - W. ½ Keith, Indian Prairie, & Berry Townships

Timothy D. Chambliss
District 8 - Four Mile, Arrington, & Orel Townships

Larry G. Reed
District 9 - Garden Hill, Orchard, & Hickory Hill Townships

Randall S. Ellis
Assistant Secretary - Treasurer
At-Large - All Townships

Doug Anderson
Farm Bureau Certified Manager (FBCM)
[email protected]

Pam Berkaw
Bookkeeper & Membership Secretary
[email protected]

Ryan Scott
Agricultural Literacy Coordinator
[email protected]