In today’s fast paced world of social media and 24-hour news, it seems that everyone is an “expert” about agriculture! The lack of agricultural knowledge extends from adults to their children. The average student is three generations removed from the farm. As a result, students lack the basic knowledge about the origins of their food and believe the myths they hear about farmers, which quickly become their truths.

The Wayne County Farm Bureau Foundation is asking for your monetary support so that the Foundation can continue to spread truthful agricultural knowledge throughout our schools in Wayne County. The Foundation supports programs such as Agriculture in the Classroom, collegiate scholarships, teacher training, and much more.

Ag in the Classroom Fund
Last year, Wayne County’s Ag in the Classroom program reached over 600 students in the county each month with agricultural lessons including apples, pumpkins, soils, corn, pork, embryology, soybeans, conservation, and more. One of primary goals for Wayne County Ag in the Classroom in 2019 is to introduce a “Hydroponic Pizza Garden” lesson, where students can raise their own “pizza spices”, such as basil and cilantro, without soil or fertilizer. Instead, the plants use water recycled from the live fish swimming below the roots of the plants! 

Collegiate Scholarship Fund
The Foundation awarded six, $750 collegiate scholarships to Wayne County students studying agriculture in 2018. This was a $250 increase over the $500 scholarship level awarded in previous years.

As you think about your charitable giving this season, consider how you can help the future of agriculture. Your monetary donation allows us to reach beyond the farm-gate and narrow the knowledge gap of today’s youth between the farm and the food they eat. Your gift will help us grow the future leaders of our industry. Together we can help tell the true story of agriculture in Wayne County!

Donate now by clicking the "Give Now" button on the left, or call the Wayne County Farm Bureau Manager, Doug Anderson, at 618-842-3342 to discuss your gift.

Thank you for supporting agricultural education in Wayne County!

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