Wayne County Farm Bureau® Foundation

In 2004, the Wayne County Farm Bureau Board of Directors launched a Foundation. 

The mission of the Foundation is…

“Growing the future of agriculture by supporting the youth of today.”

The Foundation was established to seek out donations from individuals and businesses to help support the awarding of collegiate scholarships to local youth who will be majoring in an ag-related field of study.  By working to make college more affordable for our children, we can help them realize their dreams and goals of a life-long career that involves agriculture.  Click here for a list of our Foundation scholarship winners.

The Foundation allows individuals or businesses to contribute to the scholarship fund and to claim a tax deduction.  Prior to the Foundation, the Wayne County Farm Bureau awarded scholarships, but could not receive direct donations towards the program.  Currently the Wayne County Farm Bureau is making an annual contribution to the Foundation in order to continue the same level of scholarship giving as in the past.  However, the goal is for the Foundation to grow through financial giving from our members and the public.  

The Foundation can receive gifts of cash, life insurance, land, estate donations, memorial bequeaths, or other charitable giving.

The primary fundraiser the Foundation has utilized thus far is solicitation of donations through the Farm Bureau dues renewals.  Many of you donated through your dues renewals this winter, and we thank you!  If you missed the opportunity, we would be happy to receive your donation at any time.

Please consider donating to the Foundation today.  Your gift can leave a long-term legacy for the agricultural youth of Wayne County.

Call the Wayne County Farm Bureau Manager, Doug Anderson, at 618-842-3342 to discuss your gift today.

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