Wayne County Farm Bureau  - Fairfield, IL
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The Wayne County Farm Bureau and Wabash Valley Service Company are excited to continue the opportunity for farmers to learn about nutrient loss inhibitors and nutrient use efficiency through our Nutrient Loss Inhibitor Demonstration Plot (N-LID Plot). The N-LID plot is a project that will demonstrate the use of various nutrient management practices; focusing this year on the use of nitrogen inhibitors and enhancers, with multiple rate and application comparisons. 

The 2018 N-LID Field Day was held Friday, August 17 at 10:00 a.m. You can download the Field Day program booklet here. The final harvest results will be posted to this page.

The 2018 plot will include a field of corn and a field of soybeans. In the corn plot we will demonstrate how using various rates of Nitrogen with Nutrisphere, along with different levels of micronutrients and sulfur products, will impact yield and your overall nitrogen investment. In the soybean plot, we will demonstrate different nitrogen enhancing products as well as micronutrients, inoculants, and microbial additives. Both plots are designed to demonstrate nitrogen-use efficiency, with the goal of growing more bushels while using less nitrogen, thereby reducing the amount of unutilized nutrients lost out of the field.

The plot is located at the Fred Blessing farm, 3 miles north of Fairfield just west of Enterprise Road on County Road 1220N (follow the signs).

The N-LID plot is supported in part by a Nutrient Stewardship Grant from the Illinois Farm Bureau.