Pollinator garden grants available for Wayne County 4-H & FFA
February 1, 2021

Wayne County Farm Bureau  - Fairfield, IL
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In an effort to expand local pollinator habitats, the Wayne County Farm Bureau is offering 4-H Clubs and FFA Chapters in Wayne County the opportunity to receive a grant to cover the expense of pollinator seed for a new pollinator garden. The amount of seed available depends on the size of the garden.  

The deadline to submit the application is April 1, 2021.

Submit your application here...


1. Identify a suitable location for your pollinator garden.
2.Complete the application below and submit it to the Wayne County Farm Bureau by April 1.
3.Upon notification of application approval, begin your site preparation by following the steps below. Do not wait until you receive your seed to begin this process.
4.Pollinator seed will be provided by the Wayne County Farm Bureau. Pick up or delivery will be arranged with your 4-H Club Leader/FFA Chapter Advisor.
5.The amount of seed you receive depends on the size of your garden (see below).
6.Plant your seed, water regularly, and watch it grow!


1.Select your garden area. Area should have a minimum of 6 hours of sunlight each day.
2.Measure, flag, and stake garden area. 
3.Spray the area with RoundUp (glyphosate) to kill the grass and weeds. Be sure to wear personal protective safety equipment (gloves, goggles, etc.). Follow all label instructions.
4.After the grass is dead, remove the dead grass residue by lightly tilling, burning, or raking. (Do not deep till the soil, as this will bring dormant weed seeds to the surface.)
5.Lightly work the top 2”-4” of soil. You must have at least 50% bare ground for good soil-to-seed contact.
6.Farm Bureau will mix your seed with sand (acts as a filler) for a more even application.
7.Broadcast the seed on bare ground. Plant the seed no later than May 30.
8.Compress the seeds into the soil by walking directly on top of the planting area, or by using a seed roller. Never bury or cover wildflower seeds with soil (they will be planted too deep).
9.Water so that the soil is moist, not soaking wet, until the seedlings are about 4-6" tall. After that, the seedlings will survive on natural rains.
10.Once the garden is established, the Wayne County Farm Bureau will provide you with a free sign to place at your garden.


The amount of seed you receive will depend on the size of your garden. The typical rate for a lush bloom is 1 pound of pollinator seed per 1500 sq. ft. of space (30’x50’).

  • 10’ x 20’ = 200 sq.ft. =1/8 lb. of seed
  • 20’ x 20’ = 400 sq.ft. =1/4 lb. of seed
  • 20’ x 30’ = 600 sq.ft. =1/3 lb. of seed
  • 20’ x 40’ = 800 sq.ft. =1/2 lb. of seed
  • 20’ x 50’ = 1000 sq.ft. =2/3 lb. of seed
  • 30’ x 50’ = 1500 sq.ft. =1 lb. of seed