Young Leaders award the "Gift of Blue" to incoming freshmen
September 12, 2018

Wayne County Farm Bureau  - Fairfield, IL
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The Wayne County Farm Bureau is pleased to honor a symbol of the future of our agricultural industry… the iconic blue corduroy jacket of the National FFA Organization. Through a program called the “FFA Jacket Essay Contest”, initiated by Wayne County’s Young Leader Committee, incoming freshmen students have the opportunity to receive their jacket at no cost, courtesy of the committee.

Freshmen students were asked to complete a short form and answer the essay question, “The skills I hope to learn from being involved in FFA.” The committee received a total of 13 applications.  

Winning students from Cisne High School are Blake Bowles, Memphis Hutchcraft, and Kevin Hyder. Winning students from Fairfield High School are Konnor Dagg, Cassidy Webb, and Sophia Wolfe.