Fairfield Travelogue tickets now available
October 3, 2016

Wayne County Farm Bureau  - Fairfield, IL
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    The 2016-17 Travel Adventure Cinema Series, better known as Travelogue, is returning to Fairfield. This year’s lineup will prove to be most spectacular, as world travelers will take you to the far corners of the earth, as they narrate each presentation in person.
Your travel adventures begin on November 10, which will feature “Mediterranean Dreams”, narrated by Marlin Darrah.
    On January 12, “Misty Isles of Scotland” will be presented by Tom Sterling. 
    On February 9, “The World is Round” will be presented by Steve McCurdy.
    On March 16, “Ghosts of the Gold Rush” will be presented by Gray Warriner.
    On April 6, “Hawaii & the South Pacific” will be presented by Marlin Darrah.
    All five of the programs will be on a Thursday evenings, and held at the First Baptist Church at 308 S 1st St. in Fairfield. Each presentation will begin at 7:15 p.m.
Season tickets are $30.00, and are available at McDowell, Kenshalo, & Jesop and the Wayne County Farm Bureau office.  
    This year’s Fairfield Travelogue is sponsored by the Fairfield Rotary Club and the Wayne County Farm Bureau.