New FFA Yield Corn Yield Contest to challenge students to maximize yield and revenue
November 13, 2020

Wayne County Farm Bureau  - Fairfield, IL
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The Wayne County Farm Bureau is excited to offer FFA students an opportunity to expand their agronomic expertise through the 2021 Feed our Future Corn Yield Contest! 

The contest requires students to work with a “host farmer” to develop a strategy to either...
1) Maximize Yield Per Acre
2) Maximize Net Revenue Per Acre

The farmers will plant and manage a 1-10 acre corn plot while coordinating the agronomic decisions with the student. 

The contest is open to any FFA member at Cisne, Fairfield, or Wayne City high school.

A post-harvest dinner program for students, parents, FFA Advisors, host farmers, and Farm Bureau directors is planned for November 2021 to announce the winners and to present the awards.

The deadline for students to submit their initial participation application is January 31, 2021.

Students can apply here...