Wayne County Farm Bureau's
Young Leader Committee

The Young Leader Committee is made up of farmers and associate members ages 18 to 35 that volunteer to support self-improvement, family, political, business, and networking programs for young farmers in the county.

GET INVOLVED!!  The Young Leader Program is designed to help you succeed in these five areas... Education & Self Improvement, Family Issues, Political Understanding & Policy Development, Business Education, and Membership/Networking & Public Relations.

They accomplish this mission through participation in and sponsorship of numerous programs at the county and state level.

County Young Leader Programs

Progressive Agriculture Safety Day
This annual program strives to teach our children about common safety hazards they will encounter at home and on the farm.  Focused on the 4th grade students in Wayne County, the program features 9 different safety stations including electrical safety, chemical safety, Internet safety, tractor safety, fire safety, large animal safety, food safety, 911/Ambulance, and Wheel of Misfortune.  The program is held on the first Friday of September at the First Christian Church in Fairfield, IL.

Collegiate Scholarship
Part of the mission of your Young Leader program is to help support the growth of the young people in the county.  Through this $750 scholarship program, the committee helps a student each year who will be majoring in an ag-related field of study in college. 

Farmer Image Billboards
The Young Leader Committee uses two billboards in the county to help promote positive messages about agriculture to the non-farm consumer. They designed two 8' x 4' billboards, full-color billboards; and placed them in two locations in the county... one on Rt. 45 south of Fairfield and one on Rt. 45 on the north side of Geff near the cemetery.  They update the billboards with a new message every few years.

These are just a few of the service programs the committee conducts at the county level.  Other programs include committee dinners, social trips, and support for FFA programs.

State Young Leader Programs

Young Leader Conference
This two-day conference in Peoria, IL provides an opportunity for our Young Leaders to network with their peers from around the state. Young Leaders increase their understanding of the Farm Bureau organization, strengthen their leadership abilities, receive legislative and market updates, and improve their understanding of issues facing agriculture in Illinois.

Achievement Award Program
This program recognizes extraordinary accomplishments in farming and leadership.  Participants are judged on management, innovation, self-initiative, capital source and use, leadership ability, involvement, and organizational and community participation.

Discussion Meet
Contestants exchange ideas and information about specified topics.  Participants analyze problems and determine logical solutions.

Agri-Quiz Bowl
Provides Young Leaders the opportunity to develop teamwork and their knowledge on agriculture, family issues, and the organization.  Teams compete on Ag Day at the Illinois Stair Fair in Springfield.

Ag Industry Tour
Exposes Young Leaders to marketing techniques in other areas of the country.  The tour highlights innovative ideas, demonstrates farm input production, and follows the many steps once a product leaves the farm until it lands in the hands of consumers. 

Harvest for All
Young Leaders team up with Feeding America to help feed the hungry in Illinois by donating food, money, and volunteer time.  Wayne County Young Leaders collect food donations at the annual meeting and donate them to Wabash Area Development, Inc (WADI), one of our local food pantry's.

Excellence in Ag Award Program
Recognizes Young Leaders for their accomplishments in and contributions to the ag industry.

If you are interested in being a part of our Young Leader group, 
please email us at waynecfb@waynecfb.com or call 618-842-3342.

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